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Your gift for all ceremonies is a beautiful certificate to commemorate this very special day and you will also receive a beautifully presented copy of the ceremony.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Baby Namings are a beautiful, personal and meaningful way of celebrating your child’s birth and formally welcoming them into your family and the wider community. This ceremony is often chosen by parents who do not feel the need for a religious ritual but wish to celebrate the child’s birth and acknowledge their importance in their lives.

We can include godparents, guardians or mentors in the ceremony and special rituals such as candle lighting, release of balloons, commemorative coins, tree planting, money box wishes and many more.

The ceremony may be conducted at any age chosen by the parents and is particularly special when celebrated on the child’s first birthday.

Wedding Ceremonies
Commitment Cermonies

This ceremony is ideal for couples who do not wish to marry legally or are unable to marry under the law such as gay couples. It is created and presented in a style that is personal, unique, important and just as meaningful as any legal ceremony.

Renewal of Vows

Renewal or Reaffirmation of Vows are a beautiful way for a couple to express their lifelong love and commitment to one another.

Choose a milestone that is significant to you, be it just one year of marriage or on a major anniversary such as 10, 20, 30 years etc, or on another special event such as the birth of a child.

The ceremony format may be similar to the original ceremony or may tell your story and journey together since the day you were married.

Belinda Richardson